Our Services

At Flying Z Painting our goal is to provide a fantastic customer experience and a beautiful job and lasts for years.  Our services are customizable depending on your needs and the project to be completed.  We'll detail exactly what is included in your free, no-obligation, estimate based on what you want.  We are FULLY INSURED and staff LEGAL/INSURED employees who respect your home or business.  Scroll down for a few details on our services or jump to a section below...

Our Process

  • Free Estimate - After meeting at a convenient time for our customers, we'll prepare a customized written proposal with a fixed price (no surprises at any time). Any changes are at the customer's discretion only.
  • Customer Communication - This is imperative to a positive customer experience and the best-finished product (throughout the entire project!).   We pride ourselves on consistent communication from initial meeting through project completion.
  • Safety Inspection – We’ll take into account the safety precautions needed to complete the project safely and in a timely manner.
  • Product/Color Selection - We'll take the time to test all paint colors and stains before starting work to ensure proper penetration/adherance and customer approval.   With the vast array of surfaces in the Steamboat area, it crucial to identify and test to ensure the product and application methods are correct.   
  • Wash Surfaces - Properly wash all surfaces with a controlled pressure wash or hand wash to ensure a clean surface and proper adherence of finish products.
  • Surface Protection – We take the time to cover driveways, decks, etc. around your home or business to keep your finish product where it’s meant to be.
  • Prep Work - This generally includes scraping/priming (as needed), caulking/puttying, masking, and any other needed surface prep.  We take the time to do this properly and thoroughly to provide a long lasting, beautiful finished product.
  • Finish Application - We use both spray application and hand application methods, often both. Dependent on specific the project, process, and products.  
  • Clean-up – This is done daily and 100% upon completion.  We’ll keep your home, business, or job-site tidy throughout the project and ensure we leave no trace.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed - We always check and double-check our work. To ensure peace of mind, we encourage our customers to take a look ongoing and at the completion of the project.

Send us a message and we'll get in touch right away...

Thorough prep and application only yields fantastic results through the use of the highest quality finishes. We generally use Sherwin Williams products but work with each customer to ensure the product fits with your home or business. Each surface is different and requires the expertise to know what product is appropriate - we always take the time to do this to ensure a long-lasting job. We only use the highest quality caulking, putty, and other products on our projects. These premium products do cost more but we know they are well worth it based on appearance and longevity.  We'll discuss with you what is best for your home or business and provide specifically what fits your needs.

Residential - Interior and Exterior

We understand Steamboat homes are unique.  Different age and exposures, different finishes, access challenges...the list goes on.  We'll take the time to identify what's needed for your home right now and a maintenance plan for the future (especially with our UV exposure).  Rest assured we have the experience and expertise to ensure your home and project are in good hands.  Most of our work is through word-of-mouth because we consistently deliver the highest quality on all of our projects. 

Excellent responsiveness and customer communication

We'll do what we say, and we'll always call you back.  Seems simple, but the little things go a long way.

Project Timelines

We'll provide you a project timeline and deliver on it.  

Risk-free Experience

Our customers enjoy zero liability as we carry $2 million liability insurance and full workers comp. policies.  

Commercial Services

Flying Z has the capacity and experience to service small and large HOAs, commercial properties, and businesses alike.  We also partner with property management companies to provide ongoing maintenance to ensure properties are well cared for.  Get in touch to discuss the details of how we can help. 

Capacity and Equipment

We have the "manpower" and heavy equipment (we own our lifts) to get the job done efficiently and safetly regardless of the circumstances.  

Constant Communication

We work with HOA managers, business owners, and residents/patrons to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Risk-free Experience

Our customers enjoy zero liability as we carry $2 million liability insurance and full workers comp. policies.  

Business Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday